Establishing a blog has pushed me into the practicality of news writing. By having a platform for my published work, I now feel more at ease with writing news content.

Requesting the FOI story was undoubtedly the most effective aspect of the year as it pushed me into sourcing my own content and provided alternatives to scanning newspapers for the latest events.

It opened several initiatives and forced me to think outside the box – which led to me putting some loose ideas on paper and eventually filing them as FOI requests. Although some came back unsuccessful, one succeeded – returning a stack of papers that contained all my sought-after information (complaints filed to IFCO in 2016 and list of banned movies in Ireland to date).

By covering all aspects of news stories – from politics to business – it is now easier to say that I have a slightly better idea of the work required for each niche.

One area where I think I would gain improvement, however, is editing. As headlines are a tricky and unique aspect of news writing, I think I would have benefitted slightly from learning and dissecting the skill of effective headlines.

But overall, I feel like the work I engaged in has built on the previous news writing modules from last year and applied them to more practical use. This was a good practice and I look forward to engaging in more news writing material next year.


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